Monday, June 29, 2015

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Lots of art history books at the Metropolitan museum are here for your downloading pleasure.

Today's book: Pharaoh Hatsheput.

it's not PC to say this, but she was only a regent who usurped her stepson after he came of age. Luckily he was in the army so presumably that kept him from killing her, and she was probably protected from the military by the priests, but after she died, he "erased" her from history until modern archeology figured out who she was and that he was a "she".

So did ordinary locals object to her rule? Well, none of them were available for comment, but one famous x rated graffiti in a small side room (where workers probably rested at lunch) suggested a bit of disrespect for her in the local population.

Her temple reminds one of the Parthenon (almost a thousand years earlier).


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from NotCot: The evil chemistry of cookies


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