Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday School lesson for today


an article about a priest forgiving the one who killed his colleague and tried to kill him.

Via GetReligionBlog, who commends the good reporting that dares to quote the priest's struggles with forgiving his attacker:
The newspaper quotes Terra discussing what Jesus would do, without downplaying it or adding sarcastic quote marks:
"What God allows, both good and bad, is experienced to make saints of us," he says. "Jesus suffered and died on the cross, that's how God willed it."
Terra asks what Jesus must think when ordinary people complain about the hand Providence has dealt.
"He said, 'I carried this cross for you, and you find (your own struggles) objectionable?'"
For Terra, the question of forgiveness was also never even a question. As a priest, he knows he has a duty not only to follow Christ's example, but also to set an example for his parishioners.

A good sermon for today's feast: Catholic celebrate the feast of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" that emphasizes that Jesus loves us and forgives us. Protestants would quote a dozen scripture passages, but Catholics use art to show the concept.

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