Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wait til they read paragraph 120

The pope's encyclical has been leaked, and it seems to spout the NWO anti capitalist cliches without actually saying anything.


“It will address the issue of inequality in the distribution of resources and topics such as the wasting of food and the irresponsible exploitation of nature and the consequences for people’s life and health,” Barreto Jimeno told the Catholic News Service.

So don't waste food? Uh, does this mean we should store leftovers and eat them, risking food poisoning, or does it mean not to use grain to make biofuel, or does this mean add lots and lots of chemical preservatives to food so it doesn't rot so quickly?

Does this mean telling the greens in the church here to encourage GM food, or that we should encourage dry style rice growing that uses chemical herbicides and less natural flooding to rot leaves, a process that produces methane?

Does this mean  allowing GM versions of rice, so we have a larger rice crop and a decent profit for our farmers, instead of encouraging "organic" rice which has a lower harvest? Or shall we stay organic, and let politicians get rich illegally smuggling in importing GM chemically grown rice and vegies that are cheap enough for the poor to buy?

and does not exploiting nature mean to stop legal companies from doing mining or logging and forcing them to not pollute, or does it mean pass laws against these things, which will look nice on paper but actually will result in illegal operations where the local politicians will get a gift to look the other way?

or does it mean don't exploit nature at all and let the poor people remain in their picturesque villages living a traditional life, a picture that pleases ecotourists? Just ignore that their kids have to migrate to cities or overseas to get a decent job.
why not write something really really practical like: thou shalt not steal, and that includes bribery and kickbacks.

65 bible verses against bribery

nope, can't actually do something as gauche as give practical suggestions like THOU SHALT NOT STEAL instead of vague platitudes that will be used to impose a NWO by experts who will use the encyclical to increase their power.

just ignore all those rich Asians who were lifted out of poverty by capitalism.

Has the Pope noticed? Probably not.

Ah, but there is good newes, as Father Z does note: If you go down to paragraph 120, the pope condemns abortion. And paragraph 155 discusses the ecology of the sexes, which could be interpreted as saying: get real and stop all that multigender stuff.

So it's not all bad news.

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