Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Windows 10?

when I signed on this morning, I got an icon telling me Windows 10 would soon be available for free download.

Right. But should I do it?

ZDNet has answers for you.

item one: They will replace the much dislike "start" program.

Well, duh. I already found a program that lets me use the old fashioned windows 7 style desktop, so I can keep my kitty wallpaper instead of ugly pictures of all those unwanted does this mean I lose it?

The list of Windows 10 features also includes new biometric support (Windows Hello) and a collection of first-party apps: Photos, Mail, Calendar, and MSN News, Sports, Money, Travel, and Weather apps.

except that I don't want any of these apps.

Most PCs that will run Windows 8.1 will run Windows 10. Almost all desktop apps that run on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will run on Windows 10. The Get Windows Now10 app includes a compatibility checker.

and what is that about "biometric support"?

more HERE...fingerprint anyone? Some computers insist that you place a finger somewhere to read your print if you want to open. My computer uses my photo, which I have declined, mainly because often other people borrow the computer from me.

so what if you don't have a fancy finger licking computer?
Oh yes: you can also use a pin...they insist this is safe, since you need your pin and the computer to do this.

but of course Pins are easily remembered numbers...that you promptly forget...when I gave my other computer to Ruby to use, I taped my Pin to the keyboard so she could remember what it was.

more here at ZDnet about compatibility issues.

Yes, I'll probably upgrade, but do wish I could run my windows 98 programs...

but don't expect my fingerprints.

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