Saturday, July 25, 2015

Antman is good? Who wudda thot?

First Father Z and now Uncle Orson give a good review for the Marvel movie Antman...

No, I am not a Marvel fan, although I do sort of watch the movies when they hit HBO Asia. Alas, because Lolo didn't like them I rarely watched them all the way through, and since he died, my attention span is five minutes, so again I tend to get bored or distrated especially when Special effects take over, and see only parts of the film. But Marvel seems to be on a roll. That is for the teenaged boy in you. For the girls, the good news: Trailer for Mockingjay 2 is up, and Finick finally marries Annie. Wonder if they will kill him off as they do in the book.

Uncle Orson also notes that ordinary movies may be having a comeback too.

It's kind of sad that most of Hollywood's money now goes into making comic-book and other franchise movies, in which it's only a happy accident when a script is worth filming. But with the death of the once-huge DVD market (people are streaming and downloading now), the huge aftermarket is gone, and those $200 million budgets are being replaced by $30 million budgets for a different kind of film.
You know, the kind with a script. And sometimes a film that never needs a green screen.


hmm...wonder if Papertowns is any good.

I was watching Green give a talk about it on youtube yesterday but the internet died, so no link. For those who are clueless: Google TFIOS, or ask your nearest teenaged granddaughter.

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