Thursday, July 09, 2015

Banned in Boston

 A small item in the local paper reports that  Boston Museum of Fine Arts has banned "kimono Wednesdays" as racist.

Created as a light summer distraction, “Kimono Wednesdays” invited visitors to “channel your inner Camille Monet” by donning museum-provided kimonos and posing for photos in front of Claude Monet’s “La Japonaise,” a painting of the artist’s wife wearing a kimono.
But the event quickly raised the hackles of protesters, who charged that the museum was perpetuating racist stereotypes by presenting Asian culture as quintessentially exotic.
one JapaneseAmericanInBostonBlog comments here.  and relates the background (how Japanese art influenced European artists among other issues). So it is about art, not prejudice..

It is clear that the MFA's actions don't stem from a belief that American culture is superior to Japanese culture. The MFA has one of the largest collections of Japanese artoutside of Japan so I think it's safe to assume that they have a genuine interest in promoting Japanese artistry and culture. There no prejudice – nothing about this event is about opinions "not based on reason" and there's no discrimination – they held similar events in Japan so we're not being treated differently here. 
here is the picture.

Yes, she is a blond because it is Monet's wife...

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