Thursday, July 23, 2015

Family news

Brownout all day yesterday. It's not that hot, but I had the generator to use for dehumidify/filter so I don't have to take allergy medicine during the day.

Some visitors were at the farm doing an inspection and meeting re organic farming.

Right now, Chano is saying the organic won't pay enough and wants to say the heck with it, but Joy has put a lot of work into promoting our product and wants to continue it. I say do both, but usually whatever I say gets ignored or the opposite is done. Since I am a doctor, not a farmer, I am not an expert on this.

I am renewing my passport. I can send in the application and get the passport by mail, but the money has to be paid in person by me or a proxy. Presumably they don't use checks, Western Union or paypal. Oh well. Joy will give money next time she goes to Manila.

So I sat around reading books most of the day. (paperbacks from our used book kiosk).

And discovered why I rarely read "recommended" books by "poetesses" who write praised prose. No, not just the highfalutin language but the milieu. Single woman who wants romance at age 30 and then a handsome guy walks through the door. Huh? And although she took a degree in literature or something, she is aghast that she has to work supervising a restaurant. So what did she expect? Who else would hire her? She sees only other yuppies, (presumably not noticing Lazurus at the door). Her friend brings in a kid (who has time and liesure to come in when you have a kid?) and they have a cappucino. Of course. Sounds like a sex and the city clone, and even though I am a speed reader, who has time for this?

 I love Starbucks as much as the rest of you, but as a busy doc, who has time to sit around and gab between kids and practice? and now I'm retired, so time is there but not a lot of money.

So I switched to Dean Koontz novel. Like Stephen King, the plots are horror, but the protagonists are usually normal middle class or working class types who never get into the books with "literary" recommendations.

No dog so far in this one. I keep telling George the killer Labrador that he needs to take lessons from the Labs who are often featured in Koontz' books, but he says he prefers to be the evil character and bite people and kill cats. Sigh.

Did I mention my small pregnant cat disappeared? Chased off by the black mafia I suspect. But one of the "black mafia" is pregnant. (This is what I call our three black cats who eat here but aren't friendly). So we should have kittens soon.

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