Thursday, July 02, 2015

Headlines below the fold

StrategyPage discusses how the Islamofascists are not a new phenomenum, but is about Muslim fanatics killing those they think are not Muslim enough.
But they also report on wars that the MSM don't notice, like the drug wars that have killed 85000 in Mexico since 2007.

Luckily, Obama is letting those refugees into the US without papers, so there is no local uprising there; however, when Drudge links to a report that 35 percent of Americans would like to live elsewhere, it doesn't bode well. Where should they go? Canada? Well, the Philippines is a nice place to retire, at least until the Chinese take the place over.

when I was a kid, we used to have a saying: Don't make a federal case out of it, meaning that don't make a big thing about a trivial thing.

now things have changed: Smoking cigarettes? Check. Tacos in schools? Check. Transfats? Check.

Nor is it just the gov't: as I have noted earliers, donations to religious causes or jokes picked up by the twitter two minutes of hate can now get you fired. Corporate American has bowed down and said yes sir

I mean, when Dukes of Hazzard is censored, one wonders if indeed the dictatorship of the (social activist) Puritans has arrived.

Madonna ridiculing Catholics? No problem. Miley Cyrus doing sex on stage? No problem.

Daisy Duke AGGGHHHH.

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