Friday, July 03, 2015

Nice people

The usually firey Sara Hoyt has an essay here about the TSA, that includes this important line:

Maybe there are people who believe these systems.  I don’t know.  Most people seem to be rolling their eyes so hard the concourse becomes littered with them.
But we do it.  “eagerly” and quietly.
We do it for the same reason, I realized, we facilitate the TSA madness. We do it not out of fear, not out of submission, but out of politeness to our fellow sufferers.
Imagine I had given in to my inner bastage and started asking them by what right they were bullying me.  Who would it have affected?  The TSA?  Oh, h*ll no.  They like cracking down.  They do their job in the hope they get to clobber one of us.  You can feel that.
But the people behind me would miss planes/have their day destroyed by my going into a kabuki theater of my own ...

sounds about right... Americans are polite folks.

But I disagree that the TSA wants to "clobber one"...probably they'd like to clobber the obnoxious, but in my observation, and even when the TSA had to pat Lolo down for the umteenth time (his rosary would set off the metal detector) they usually did it with patience and humor, knowing that a small deaf old man probably wasn't a terrorist, but they too had to follow the "protocol".

 However, a loud mouth might get into trouble...especially if the loudmouth was an upper class twit who talked down to these working class folks and treated them like morons when they were just trying to do a job.

the problem? too often the obnoxious ones are those who decide what is news, and often lead the two minute hate on the internet. And, alas, the president is behind a lot of the memes they push.

what they don't see is how nice ordinary folks are.

That is why there are only a few stories about Christians comforting each other in Charleston, despite outside agitators trying to start riots.

And THAT is why few Americans will riot etc. when "gay marriage" (like abortion before) will be shoved down their throats by elites via the court system.

In abortion, as one prolife Catholic doc said: Well, I oppose abortion, but if my 15 year old daughter was raped".

Ditto for "I believe in traditional marriage, and think what goes on in the gay bath houses/bars is wrong, but hey, if my sister wants to bring her partner to our family reunions it's okay".

So no, there won't be conservative riots, because people are too polite to riot against their friends and neighbors.

The problem?

That those in charge of the agenda won't let you live quietly in peace.

But that is another story altogether....

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