Friday, July 31, 2015

Oh the poor lion (/S)

In March, Zimbabwe's president Mugabe had a birthday party for 20 thousand of his supporters, and included in the menu were two Elephants and a lion.

Remember the outcry? No, I didn't either.

And Mugabe's party in that poverty stricken country, cost $120,000....

and those killed animals? Well, they were scheduled to be culled, but by "donating" them to the party, it meant locals were impoverished.

"Villagers said the animals were part of their annual hunting quota and donating them meant no income for the year"

Photos of the lion that the SJW are lamenting show an elderly lion.

I suspect he was on the "cull" list, which is why a local tourism company arranged for him to be the one shot. Or maybe they were just corrupt, and figured a lion is just a lion, and hey, this one is old....No one seems to be pointing fingers to that tourism company.

So why allow hunting at all?

Follow the money. In Pennsylvania, hunting dear was a way to supplement the food budget, so when hunting season opened, even the schools were closed in our coal mining town.

I have less patience with rich folks doing it for sport, but one needs to control the population of lions and elephants etc or they will leave the preserves to poach easier prey, like corn crops of the local villagers or killing their cattle or children.

So one answer is to cull the excess animals that can't be supported on the limited land, and for predators like lions, arrange a kill for those who are elderly and would probably die in the near future anyway.

The outcry? Animal rights activists, of course.

And the MSM is hyping this so they don't have to examine the profit in baby bodies by planned parenthood.

Animals are "innocent" so let's mourn a dam lion, never mind that one rarely sees stories about the many dead in Zimbabwe from starvation, political terror, or disease spreading because the infrastructure is deteriorating.

But of course, on TV we can see oodles of "African wildlife" shows, and want to stop their killing.

Photos of starving African kids? Meh.

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