Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Podcasts and books to listen to while the world goes kaput

All the news is bad...just check Drudge.

Or here, check the local news: Corruption, earthquake, tropical storm, landslides, dengue epidemic, plastic rice scams, Chinese aggression, and it's hunger season (farmers etc. run out of money from the last harvest, so are at risk until the next harvest in September) so all the beggars are coming to the door, and I didn't have extra money to give them. Yes, I feel guilty but I mean, you give them fifty cents and they all are demanding more...)

Even Google is going nuts:

mixing Cc3Po and angrybirds with Klingon script? Who knows...

So I am busy downloading podcasts etc.

Quick before the copyright cops find it:

Outlander the audiobook.

the View from Here links to CBC podcasts about Shakespeare

and a lot of history and history of medicine podcasts:

African Americans health care workers in the Civil war.
and more civil war lectures there.

a podcast about Cole Porter from a South African University (lots of other stuff here too).

University of Bath podcasts doesn't have many new ones, but they often have science oriented podcasts.

And if you are an Agatha Christie fan, listen to this podcast (and put coffee down while listening).
Say It With poison

reminds me of the book Wicked Plants. (I read it at ScribD)

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