Sunday, July 19, 2015

Remembering when "reason" ruled

the nuns who said no to the government of reason

On this day in 1794 all the nuns of the Carmelite monastery of Compiegne were guillotined by the revolutionary French republicans. They offered their lives for France and her liberation from the terror. They were the last executed under that regime and the terror soon ended. 
so why were the nuns considered "enemies"? for not toeing the Government's line:

Throughout France a vaunted new age of spiritual maturity, free from the bonds of sectarian religion, was underway. On June 20, 1794, a Feast of the Supreme Being" was celebrated in Compi├Ęgne. In November of the previous year, the worship of Reason was officially proclaimed: the church of Saint-Jacques in Compi├ęgne became the Temple of Reason. The church of Saint- Antoine became a public meeting hall and fodder storehouse. In December, the Mayor of Paris had announced in the Temple of Reason that the Declaration of the Rights of Man would henceforth be the catechism of the French, and that the Constitution would be their Gospel

Yes, the "Temple of Reason", the precursor to a million massacres.

from InnAtTheEndOfThe World
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