Saturday, July 04, 2015

Stories below the fold

AnnAlthouse reports that President Obama ridiculed the many Republicans running for President by comparing them to the tributes fighting in the Hunger Games.

but I wonder if the president realized this might have been a Freudian type slip, because it implies that people from the districts are kept poor by District one's policies, and that the winner ends up overthrowing the evil regime in power.


It didn't start with "gay marriage". NewBooks podcast reviews a book on those behind the sexual revolution and the marketing of the birth control pill.

No, I doubt I'll read the book, but from the review I wonder if they left things out.

Did they mention Sanger's involvement with the Eugenics movement? She saw the Irish and Jews in the slums as inferior beings who shouldn't breed. But never mind. Whitewashing history is not new here.

And the very Catholic Rock was not working against the church, but hoping that the pill would allow Catholic women to space babies more efficiently, since it was not interfering with natural sex like mechanical methods.

That is why Humana Vitae was such a bummer: Most Catholics agreed with Rock, seeing that the pill only lengthened the infertile period so rhythm would work better.

the irony? Most of what Paul VI warned about contraception destroying families has come true....


related item:
The Diplomad posts a photo from the US embassy in the Dominican Republic  to celebrate gay marriage.

ah, but are these men in a faithful relationships? or are they partying?

 even though prostitution is legal in the DR,  nevertheless 30 thousand street kids, one third of them boys, are pressured by poverty and/or thugs into becoming "sex workers"

which is why many poor countries see the US push to change sexual traditions under the freedom of choice or equality is seen as just one more way to exploit them and their children.

and Putin is smart enough to exploit Moscow, the third Rome,  as the defender of Christendom against the evil west...


Youtube Lecture of the week: Mark Wilson has a series on women in antiquity. LINK

I am also listening to a Russian history class there.
you know what? Ivan the terrible was really terrible...


and the very very bad news of the day:


pop-less bubble wrap.

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