Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the cuddly little Chinese radish monster

from the BBC, a film about a Chinese film hit about a monster that looks like a radish.

The back story is more interesting:

One reason why the film may have done so well is that China severely restricts the release of foreign films to just 34 titles a year so that local titles have a better shot at scoring at the box office.Those that do get approved for release often get delayed opening dates so that local films can get maximum exposure - a restriction especially apparent in the summer.In Monster Hunt's case, there was only one foreign film that was allowed to be released in the same week - Shaun the Sheep Movie - reported Variety.
So the Chinese gov't censors and limits what film you are allowed to watch. Who wudda thot?

which makes me wonder if the Chinese, who pirate and sell films all over the world, why aren't they watching foreign films at home.


Semi related item: Someone is stupid enough to be picketing The Producers because it trivializes Hitler.

sheesh. What's next? censoring Blazing Saddles?


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