Sunday, July 12, 2015

The technical name for the phenomenon is “pareidolia,”

Improbable research explains why people see Jesus on toast and hear the Minions saying dirty words.

The technical name for the phenomenon is “pareidolia,” hearing sounds or seeing images that seem meaningful but are actually random. It leads people to see shapes in clouds, a man in the moon or the face of Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich.
The audio form of pareidolia has been causing confusion for years and years. 

The BBC article on this phenomenum is HERE. 

Other experts say pareidolia is a consequence of the brain's information processing systems. The brain is constantly sifting through random lines, shapes, surfaces and colours, says Joel Voss, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University.
It makes sense of these images by assigning meaning to them - usually by matching them to something stored in long-term knowledge. But sometimes things that are slightly "ambiguous" get matched up with things we can name more easily - resulting in pareidolia, he says.

Sort of like using a Rorshack test to see what people see in pictures, or a Freudian slip that tells people what you are really thinking about.

and just in case you missed Despicable Me one and two, and are too embarassed to ask your kids what it is all about,  here are the Minions:

and if you really want to translate what they are saying, go the the Minions Language tranlator page 

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