Saturday, August 29, 2015

A dollop of dragons

Daily mail (UK) advises on the best bedtime story 

The perfect bedtime story lasts eight-and-a-half minutes and includes a dragon, a princess, a wizard and a fairy, research reveals. And such knowledge might just come in handy because the survey also found that parents spend a total of one week a year trying to get their children to go to sleep. While the ideal story lasting eight minutes and 36 seconds might have traditional elements, such as the backdrop of a castle, the hero should carry a thoroughly modern mobile phone as well as a magic wand.

 well, that's how Tolkien got his start: Telling stories to his kid who was prone to nightmares.

And  a quiz: which is your favorite film with a dragon?

Top 10 Dragons

and only one has kids to tell bedtime stories to....

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