Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Catamarans to the rescue

The Sunnis of Saudi and other gulf states are fighting the Shiite rebels in Yemen that are funded by Iran.
The latest twist? The UAE is leasing the HSV Swift, a catamaran that is fast and can navigate in shallow waters.

 It features a new, modular design, which will allow the ship to be refitted to support missions without requiring long shipyard periods. While from the front the vessels appear to look like a trimaran, the centre hull does not rest in the water and is not used for buoyancy. As a logistics vessel, it does not have water-tight compartments or weapons systems. Its propulsion is provided by directional water jets, so it doesn't have propellers or a rudder for steering and can maneuver in twelve feet of water.[1]

Wikipedia Commons
Useful to bring supplies to civilians in disasters, such as the tsunami of 2004 or hurricane Katrina...

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