Monday, August 17, 2015

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DavidWarren links to a site that has liturgical book downloads. I checked one and it seems to be basic instructions on what the liturgy means: i.e. how it keeps us holy and close to God.

Pre vatican II of course.

related item: Blessing of the first fruits of the harvest at August 15th mass.


Heh. StrategyPage says that the USNavy finally is recognizing that being sleepy results in accidents.

This is difficult to implement because lack of sleep and keeping people on duty even when they are obviously having a hard time staying awake, much less alert, has long been taken for granted and accepted as a worthy tradition. It was another one of those difficulties navy personnel had to overcome to become a real sailor. Lots of strong black coffee and resolute leadership was seen as the solution to sleep deprivation problems.
But now the data is making it clear that merchant marine sailors and civilian firms doing similar work (like running nuclear reactors) have become more effective, and less accident prone, by adopting more pragmatic attitudes towards sleep and dealing with fatigue. 

True for doctors too...but it took a dead teenager with rich parents and a major malpractice suit to pressure hospitals to limit the hours of their interns and residents.


In case you didn't notice: There is an Iraqi gov't counteroffensive against ISIL going on. StrategyPage reports.
President Obama is sending the Special forces types back in to repair the damage done when he removed them .


the author of TeaAtTrianon has a podcast,..A lot of the stories most people "know" are propaganda that is related as history, but a good examination of the documents find another side of the story.

I remember when the book "Citizens" came out, and Americans were aghast to find out about the Vendee atrocities that had sort of been left out of the history books.


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