Monday, August 03, 2015

hackers needed

Anonymous has mainly hacked western government's secrets, but maybe they need to hack a few more secrets to find what is hidden in plain sight.

It was Russian hackers who exposed the fakeness before the climate conference in Copenhagen,but there is another one coming up and one wonders if the fake information will be implemented in treaties.

Congressional vetoes won't stop Obama in this. Like in immigration, he will just implement "regulations" that do the same thing.

the Russians have hacked the Saudis and guess what? They are sponsoring terrorism via their charities. StrategyPage link

so now what we need is Russian or anarchist hackers to find out what will be mandated in the so called "Iran agreement". Belmont club has more.

 The true facts are hidden or selectively emphasized in order to shape a narrative. One of the many examples is the Iran nuclear deal.  Before you declare yourself for or against it, ask  yourself: what does the public know about it?  That question turns out to be surprisingly hard to answer.
The Wall Street Journal notes that much of what the deal is about is hidden in Closed Covenants.  ”The Obama Administration insists there’s nothing secret about the Iran nuclear deal, even as it claims not to have read two crucial side deals Tehran has struck with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). “Confidential agreements, but no secrets” is the way top U.S. negotiator Wendy Sherman describes the deals, which are thought to concern the military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programs.”

Belmont club also brings out how a partisan judge has stopped the baby body parts videos.  Well, why not? And since affluent white women only have late term abortions when the baby is disabled (e.g. Down's syndrome) and less valuable for parts, I suspect that most of these babies come from minority women...who might be upset that their babies are used for profit.

Again, hackers are needed to hack the videos and put the on Youtube/thepiratebay. And hackers are needed to check if minority women are being pressured into late term abortion so they can make a profit.

a third item in Belmont Club's article is an email from an affluent NGO that already astroturfed local groups asked Hillary to help push abortion on Kenya.

So we didn't need hackers for that email.

But will anonymous hack emails that link "marriage reform" or "maternal child health" (read abortion/population control) with the willingness of the US to defend us against China?

Has a gay ambassador been sent to Viet Nam as a clue that America the wimp has other priorities than defending the sea lanes and oil in the West Philippine seas?

Yet few here expect the US to defend us against Chinese aggression, so Japan and Australia are stepping in to help.

The "gay ambassador" to VietNam story from Drudge brings up a coterie there.

Uh, Gresham's law? one wonders if all these "inclusive" policies are destroying the US military? And discouraging people of faith from working at the State Department (something that bodes ill for understanding the religious impulses that are important in foreign cultures).

Ah, but don't worry,
Distraction alert!

we are now being told the dead lion's brother is protecting his cubs... hello: it doesn't work that way...real story is probably that the dead lion's brother took over his pride and kicked him out, which is why he wandered off the reserve to find food.

and who released that story to begin with? a western funded NGO of course. Locals don't care. As even TIME magazine noted: Locals eat the animals, and poach to make money to support their families.  Allowing hunting is a good alternative for locals to make money and discourage poachers.

So who decided to push it as a narrative? The editors of the MSM, (who also chose to ignore the abover stories) and the SJW who run the two minute hate fest on Twitter/facebook.

Look! a dead Lion!

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