Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Canadian company gets a patent for a space elevator.

but no, not a real space elevator where you reach an oribiting space station... this one only reaches 12 miles up, but they could use it to launch rockets.

Of course, you would still have to use lots of money to lug the rockets up the elevator, but whatever


a sky ladder, by Cai Guo Qiang



Starwars fashion and makeup?

Heh. Looks like the "future fashion" stuff we saw in films 50 years ago.

Why do they always think that women in the future will look like androids and not like Jane Austen? Or a geisha, or a Bollywood actress?

or even like Barbarella?

At least Princess Leia wore a modest tunic (or a copper bikini) and didn't look like a zombie.


and from Freakonomics: The dangers of safety.

discussing foot ball and helmets design to prevent concussions.

think of your brain as a bowlful of jello.

CANTU: Well, the best analogy, or at least one that I think is useful, is to think of Jello in a bowl. And if you hit the bowl, very forcefully, you’ll see the Jello oscillate. If you put the Jello into a bowl that is elliptical in shape, not round, and hit it, because you’ll invariably hit off-center, you’ll see that the Jello moves forwards and backwards and it also spins around in the bowl. And those are the primary forces that are imparted to brain, the linear forces are those in one plane, front and back, or side to side, and the spinning forces are the rotational forces. And those combined forces cause shearing and straining of brain tissue. And that in turn leads to a metabolic cascade of dysfunction, that is what we refer to as a concussion.
This is not just a problem with football: IED's and landmines result in similar concussions in the military, who are busy investigating new designs to prevent injuries...

some of which look like the helmets in sci fi films.

so the NFL is talking with the military about new helmet designs.

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