Tuesday, August 18, 2015

People who fight against the propaganda of PC

So what does a good old boy do when he hears a song ridiculing the South?

He writes a better song:


someone's been channeling their inner Crocodile Dundee:

That's not a knife sword THAT'S A KNIFE SWORD.

heads up DaveBarry


The man who documented the talking points were wrong, and that communism really was evil.

(Conquest) summarising Soviet Communism in a much-quoted limerick:
There was a great Marxist called Lenin
Who did two or three million men in.
That’s a lot to have done in,
But where he did one in
That grand Marxist Stalin did ten in.
The kind of people who overlooked such trifles, he reckoned, were also willing to scrub their minds on other issues.


we have crying rooms in churches, so should they have crying rooms in airplanes too?

a lot of the crying is earache, which can be prevented by giving the child a decongestant before you take off and/or having them feed/swallow to open the Eustachian tube when the cabin pressure changes.


 when the addicts turn to heroin to get high, it is called a "complex" problem. 

no, it's not complex, it is a moral sickness that will  get worse as society continues to ridicule and even to prosecute religions with rules, and society legalizes "medical marijuana", sending the "getting high is good" signal for anyone who wants to use drugs to get high.


Attention HomeLand Security:

The Minions are coming the Minions are coming...

Leo Fitzpatrick, with his mum Daire Fitzpatrick Photo: SWNS

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