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Stories below the Fold (plus rants)

strategyPage reports that one source of friction between North Korea and South Korea is....junk food: i.e.ChocoPies

August 28, 2015: As if North Korea does not have enough problems one of the most annoying has to do with South Korean snack foods getting into the country and becoming enormously popular. It got so bad that in June 2015 North Korea ordered South Korean companies operating in a special zone in the north to stop bringing in South Korean snacks as rewards for North Korean employees. This follows a 2014 ban of Choco Pies and the subsequent failure of a substitute made in North Korea

Father Z notes a Breitbart story about a petition to the Pope to stop messing with the marriage laws, signed by half a million people.

The petition, which was started by U.S. conservative group TFP Student Action, calls on the Pope to “clarify the growing confusion among the faithful” at October’s Synod of Bishops and “implores” him to “prevent the very teaching of Jesus Christ from being watered down”. [The issue is confusion, surely.  The confusion is being created especially by Germans.  We shall see if the Holy Father tamps it down.]The group accuses “dissident Catholic pressure groups” of attempting to subvert Church teaching on marriage

This is not about divorce, but about letting unrepentant sinners receive the Eucharist. Since Catholics believe the Eucharist is the body of Christ, it is holy... And having a non believer or unrepentant sinner receive is an insult to God and implies the Eucharist is just a symbol.

Of course, I should talk. Like most pre Vatican II catholics I support the law, but don't always follow it.

which is why I think this essay (by a convert, of course) about the problem of "bad catholics" misses the point:

Evangelical and pentecostal Protestants chose to follow Jesus and are transformed. Back slide and you are in deep doodoo.

Catholics are part of an extended family, and like the younger prodigal son are always welcome home.

the phrase that Catholic means "here comes everyone" is more accurate: We are part of a family, so hey if we stray we are still part of the family.

However, I do have a problem with the "I'm okay You're okay" idea that people are really good, and that they never do anything wrong when they steal/lie/cheat/sleep around/get angry/get high/abuse or neglect their children.... There is a difference between human frailty and sociopathy...

In the USA, being "merciful" to sinners is about letting a gay or divorced person receiving the sacraments without being chaste.

Wonder why they don't notice the other 9 commandments?

Did I mention that the corrupt mayor who ordered the hit on his rival (that killed our nephew) died and not only had a Catholic burial but the Knights of Columbus were there...

related item: Local cult shuts down streets when Gov't goes after their leaders for looting the till and harassing whistleblowers... it's not about stealing, hey it's about freedom of religion.

and all the crooked politicians who are also under investigation for corruption are backing the church members...

so it's not just Borgia popes, the Vatican bank and Televangelists who do good and get rich...

So should one go after churches, especially when sometimes what looks as fraud is just naive or bad bookkeeping? Ah, and who polices the policeman?

Wheat and tares anyone?


TeaAtTrianon links to a book by Gareth Russell on the British monarchy...that discusses the ex church that housed Richard the Lionhearted and his parents' graves.

The bright new world of de-Christianised republican France had no use for places like Fontevraud and the damage done was so extensive that even after Louis XVIII and Charles X were restored to the thrones of their forebears, the broken abbey retained the purpose assigned to it by the revolution, a prison, until 1963. To amuse themselves, the souls trapped in terrible conditions within its walls, some poor and victimised, others criminal and malign, vandalised what was left of Fontevraud’s once-splendid interiors. The misérables hacked off the nose of Richard the Lionheart’s effigy and whittled away in boredom at his carved joints.
Today his tomb is a small splash of colour alongside his mother’s, father’s and sister-in-law’s in the vast white emptiness of the disused chapel, 
Couldn't happen to a nicer (/s) bunch of folks...who in their day were called the devil's brood.


The Saudis are hiring a  million Ugandans to work as maids, drivers, etc...They work cheaper than Pinoys, Indians and Bengalis...

One African bishop mentioned the problem of couple forced to live apart because one has to find a job away from their families, in cities, mine or even overseas, as something that the conference on families needs to discuss...


Secret societies you never heard of (and/or are ignored on C2c)

includes Katipunan....

The Katipunan was founded on July 7, 1892 with the singular goal of freeing the Philippines from Spanish rule. It was led by Andres Bonafacio, a warehouse clerk from a poor family, and recruitment from the working and middle classes was incredibly fast.

It led to the revolution to overthrow the Spaniards here.

headsup Presurfer:


Via AnneAlthouse: PeggyNoonan discovers that legal Hispanic immigrants dislike the illegals breaking the law to get in and many support Trump.

Well, when my oldest adopted son who lost his green card status is unable to visit his brother in the US (turned down by the embassy for a simple visitor's visa) it does sort of annoy me that those who follow the rules are punished, but those who break them get away with it.

No easy answer to this: I know too many hardworking people who came illegally when the rules were winked and except for papers do follow the law. They should get amnesty, as was done by Reagan... they are now are caught in the middle when Obama, instead of getting a just amnesty, just decides he will ignore the law.

Destroying rule of law for a higher good? 

This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? 

ah those nature loving Indians

Victims of human sacrifice at Cahokia were locals.

most were young women with no evidence of violence (suggesting human sacrifice), but another grave were a more mixed group that had been violently killed. (criminals?POWS?)

Given the many massacres in the histories of Europe and in Asia, I am not condemning AmerIndians, I am only pointing out that the pc myth of the peaceful primitive man is bunk.


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