Monday, August 10, 2015

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China holding war games with over 100 ships in the west Philippine sea...and notes that their "coast guard" steals stuff.

Yup. Chinese pirates redux.

a complicated analysis of their economic news.


EdDriscoll at Instapundit links to Mark Steyn on how liberal policies have revived the crime of NYC in the 1970s that was memorialized in the Death Wish film, where a vigilante took down a thug.

I wouldn't know, since I spent most of the 1970s in Africa, but it does mention Charles Bronson:

Would the film have been as effective with someone else as Kersey? Burt Reynolds? Ryan O’Neal? No. That’s where Bronson’s leathery weathered visage and those squinting eyes came into their own. You didn’t need to know the specifics – World War Two tailgunner, one of 15 kids of a Lithuanian coal-miner. You could see it in the crevices and grooves: Bronson was one of the last movie stars to project a sense of experience beyond cinema. Who does so now? Pretty boys like Tom Cruise? 
Bronson's family still lived in PA near our (coal) town...He wasn't close to a lot of his siblings, but when he visited, locals tried to let him in privacy, and the locals liked him.

Small related story: I once was on an inter city bus in rural Colombia, where a Bronson movie was played for the passengers.

Even 30 years ago American culture was everywhere...


why some animals have different shaped pupils (the black part of the eye).


Fake survey alert: so 88 percent of adults said they texted sex messages?

Uh, I doubt 88 percent of adults text. And sure enough: It was NOT a random sample so was worthless (GIGO bias)

 Stasko and Geller enlisted 870 heterosexual adults to answer an online survey about sexting. The participants ranged in age between 18 and 82, with an average age of 35. The survey takers were recruited through the Internet site Amazon Mechanical Turk, and whites and women were overrepresented compared with the U.S. population as a whole.
So why does the LATimes bother to post an article about a very biased sample as if it were a valid scientific survey?

To try to insist this is normal behavior?

Or because someone there wants is both good and normal behavior for teens, so change the law.

The dirty little secret is that although low level sexting is common in older teens (mainly viewing naked ladies or with their regular girlfriends),  the practice in very young teenagers (average age 12 years) makes them more likely to be seduced by predators, be willing to have sex with a stranger.  Why do I say "predators"?

One good way to seduce a teen is to tell him/her that "everyone is doing it" and ridicule them for saying no...
such bullying works to introduce kids to take drugs, and works on the immature to have sex.

Which is why Pediatricians are urged to educate their patients that this is not true, and will put them in danger of STD's or worse.


Ottoman history podcast about Islamic hospitals in the middle ages.


from the BBC: The Stillwell road, 70 years later.

he "24 Zig" road in Qinglong, Guizhou Province, South-West China

1945 film here


wonderful Dog Harry Page at the UKTelegraph.

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