Saturday, August 15, 2015

Would this have saved lives?

As I noted in a previous post about the MtEverest disaster, lots of people half dead and confused to save those who were standed and freezing to death. (Is this the book being made into the up and coming movie?)

Well, maybe someone should build one of these

In the Article about 8 amazing isolated lodges/houses:

Solvay hut.

From Atlas Obscura:

Built in just five days by the Swiss Alpine Club, The Solvay Hut sits empty on the Matterhorn, simply waiting for climbers who have run into trouble.
A number of emergency huts have been placed along popular but treacherous mountain paths, many by the Swiss Alpine Club. Designed to provide a shelter for climbers in the case of storms, avalanches, or similar acts of God that might lead to an untimely death on a lonely peak. At an elevation above 13,000 feet the Solvay Hut is the Club's highest and most remote of these lifesaving structures. The hut is a simple affair, containing 10 beds and a telephone, but on the side of a mountain it could mean life or death.

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