Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Blame the movies for spreading hate

I had to laugh when the "black lives matters" astroturf group tried to shut down a fair in Minneapolis.

That's one way for them to make friends and encourage people to vote for Trump.

Uh, the AmerIndians, not blacks, are low man on the totum pole (/s) in Minneapolis. Ask any Objibwe or Sioux. And I suspect a lot of the "White" people who according to the press reports were kept out of the fair were Objibwes or Hmongs.

But what is really ironic is that the group hasn't noticed that there are two black "ethnic groups" in Minneapolis.

Are they aware of the culture clash between these groups? Or how black gangs are pushing around Somali immigrants in the Minneapolis schools (similar to how the gangs pushed around the Chinese immigrants in South Philly high).  Why?

Many Somalis came here with “very negative perceptions” of African-Americans, their notions based on movies that cast African-Americans as drug addicts or killers, said Abdirizak Bihi, a Somali activist.
For their part, some African-Americans feel the disrespect and perceive that the new Africans are getting a bit better treatment from the larger community. 

Yeah. We see those US films here too. How much racism is spread via films and TV shows from liberal Hollywood? Yes, there are good films, but they are overshadowed by the crime stuff.

Films sort of distort one's ideas of other people.

I remember my black neighbors in the US warning us not to travel to Ireland on vacation because "you'll be shot". And I remember my fellow docs in Liberia warning me not to work with AmerIndians after I returned to the US for a similar reason.

FYI: An article about the Somali community in Minneapolis.

Quite a few have started businesses.

and although unemployment is high, they are being hired.

yes, a few joined terrorist groups, but more have returned there to build up their country, and they are sending money back to help their families.

in some ways their struggles appear parallel to the Irish, Italian, Jewish, Chinese,Vietnamese, Mexican, Cuban, and Filipino immigrants.

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