Friday, September 11, 2015


From the UKTelegraph:

Dominic Greyer said organisers of the WI's Centennial Fair in the spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, asked him to cover up the "offending" mugs and tea towels.
He was selling merchandise featuring some of Britain's saucier-named towns and villages. 
The tea towel that had to be censored  Photo: Ross Parry / SWNS / Dominic Greyer

a lot of this is merely a change in language, or the fact that we now have double meanings for innocent words.

My sons once attended a school named "Blacklick" (i.e. dark stream),

Wikipedia:lick is a small watercourse or an ephemeral stream. It ranks hydrologically between a rill, ... and a stream...

And of course whether or not you are offended depends on if you yourself have a dirty mind.

I remember when my mom and I laughed when we saw "The Young Frankenstein" in Africa, and were the only one who laughed at the comment "What a pair of knockers".

And of course, the Hobbit is PG despite Dain's R rated vocabulary which went over the head of the American censors...

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