Monday, September 14, 2015

Family news

This if for family reading the blog (Hi Chona)

we are still locked out of the upper floors and western garden.
The wash machine has been moved to a tiny alcove next to the kitchen, where the water will drain  onto our washer women's feet and the nearest electric outlet is five feet away.

Electric safety? WTF?

and exactly where are we supposed to hang all the clothes? My garden of course. I hope George the killer labrodor peas on them...

Never mind. The goal, I am now told, is to move Joy and Ruby into my house, which means emptying the junk from the spare bedroom, most of which is not mine of course.

The electric bill is due this week: I am taking bets if I will be requested to pay it again this money. Sigh.

And I will be short of money this month since I have  scheduled plastic surgery for a skin lesion on my face later this week. I probably should have had it removed  months ago, but Lolo was sick and afterward I didn't do anything for awhile.

Kuya hasn't done anything about getting the will certified in court, so until that is done, Joy and Ruby have no income from the properties given to Ruby by Lolo.

And again I am the one paying for her tutoring fees.


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