Saturday, September 12, 2015

Follow orders? No, become a hero instead

Dave Barry's essay on Flight 93.
 we know that the people on the plane fought back. On a random day, on a random flight, they found themselves - unwarned, unprepared, unarmed - on the front lines of a vicious new kind of war. And somehow, in the few confusing and terrifying minutes they had, they transformed themselves from people on a plane into soldiers, and they fought back. And that made them heroes, immediately and forever, to a wounded, angry nation, a nation that desperately wanted to fight back.And now these heroes lie here, in this field where their battle ended. This cemetery. This battlefield. This hallowed ground.

After 9-11, Peggy Noonan wrote an essay saying real men were back.

But we all know what happened: A loud propaganda campaign of hate and disinformation blaming Bush, mainly for political reasons because he "lost" the popular vote.

And of course, everything since then that could be twisted to blame was blamed on America..
Remove America the policeman and guess what happens?
The Badguys in the Middle East get the message.
The "choice" is ISIS (run by Saudi money) or Iran. Hitler vs Stalin, and if Israel, like Czechoslovakia, is destroyed by Obama's peace plan with Iran, well, never mind: PEACE IN OUR TIME.

Yet there are rumblings that ordinary folks, who are still telling pollsters what they want to hear (at least the ten percent of folks who actually answer polls).

 demagogues like Trump and Saunders aren't the only sign that people are tired of being told lies and that they need to bow down and obey our betters.

Given enough time, Some people say no.

When 9-11 occurred, the meme was to stay quiet and obey hijackers, and usually everything would go well.

But things changed, and the passengers decided they needed to disobey orders of the government/airline policies and fight back.

and, if Hollywood is sniffing the wind, the real harbingers might not be a film about a transvestite operated on by an incompetent Nazi surgeon, but a film that people actually go to see.

It's not just Katnis that bodes ill for the elite who run things.

Two upcoming films might hint that obeying orders of faceless bureaucrats who follow the instruction book are not the way to go.

The Benghazi film 13 hours is about the SEALS who disobeyed orders and rescued people from the embassy.

And in the Martian, not only does the astronaut manage to keep alive, but his crew disobeys orders and rescues him.

One hopes that the craziness of the election will actually turn things around, as Reagan did.

But I am not optimistic.

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