Thursday, September 03, 2015

Happy stories below the fold

Forgiving others protects women from depression....

but not men unless the men felt they themselves were forgiven.


Silk bio-ink might help 3 D printing of organs etc.

The researchers combined silk proteins, which are biocompatible, and glycerol, a non-toxic sugar alcohol commonly found in food and pharmaceutical products. The resulting ink was clear, flexible, stable in water, and didn't require any processing methods, such as high temperatures, that would limit its versatility. The researchers say the novel material could potentially be used in biomedical implants and tissue engineering.


Canada: Lentil capital of the world.

Canadian writer David Warren relates the immigrant that is behind this.

Canada; or more precisely, Saskatchewan; or more precisely, a certain Murad Al-Katib, is now the major player in the world trade for lentils, chickpeas, various other pulses and beans. Note that definite article.In anno 2001, none of us were growing lentils. (I’m still not.) And yet, then as now, much of Saskatchewan was as close to ideal lentil-growing territory as the planet could offer.

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