Saturday, September 05, 2015

Stories below the fold

It is the centennial of the Simarillion. The first stories were written in the trenches of the Somme (although the seed of the fantasies goes earlier to his school days).
If Tolkien's books are proliferating, it is because his son Christopher has edited his father's writings for publication, writes Birzer...


1984, the Ballet.


StrategyPage reports that ISIL trolls are using Twitter to spread their message and make people think it is more popular than it actually is.

And they use quadcopter Chinese UAV's, (i.e. drones) which are available commercially for a fairly low price. They are used to spy out the enemy.


BBC posts ten photos of refugees fleeing war, economic and political tyranny.

also from the BBC:

Who built the lost tunnels of Liverpool, and why were they built?
and since they were used as a garbage dump, lots of interesting historical artifacts are being found in them.

a couple weeks back, I posted a link and video about sea silk.
BBC now has an article about it HERE.

AngloSaxon used alliteration for poems, which is why this headline caught my eye: (via Instapundit)

Macroscopic mechanical manipulation/ controls molecular machine array


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