Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Audiobook of the week

another "end of the world" prediction has come and gone. Nothing new about that: I've been hearing that since I was a kid (and it was a lot more dangerous back then, with Stalin going nuts, or more nutty than usual before someone finally poisoned him).

The "left behind" series is the classic end times book for Christians, but tends to be flat and preachy... I made it through number one, but hey, after being a missionary in Africa I am sceptical that although Africans and Asians and Arabs have and will in the future suffer for their faith, but never mind because affluent American believers will be wisked away to nirvana. Right. Such nonsense is enough to make one an atheist.

But for Catholics, the classic book is Father Elijah, and it is now available on you tube. (or at least part of it). I have it and several other books that are loosely connected with the story, about a family in NWCanada in modern times...

Probably only part of the book is there, and will be removed by the copyright cops, so check it out quickly.

and if you want the book about end times that Pope Francis once mentioned in a talk, try this oldie but goodie:

Lord of the World...

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