Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back to the 70's: Encounter groups

PJMedia posts a memo from Ashton Carter at the Defense Dept saying that all personnel will have to meet monthly and "SHARE" experiences and advice on problems.



I remember the late 1960s/early 1970's when we were required to do this sort of thing in medical school, and later in our family practice residency training.

I am sorry, but I am a private person, and so made up a lot of "revealations" about myself. I also arranged for the nurses to page me out about halfway through the session, so I could leave and claim a patient had a problem, instead of just walking out in protest, which would have resulted in a black mark against me.

Another problem with these groups is that they scapegoat outsiders. I had a nerdy roommate who was in a group in our medical school (More nerdy than me, if you would believe it). Guess who was their scapegoat. Oh it was subtle, but she always came back half in tears...

in other words, it is a way for the aggressive to take control and destroy the ones they dislike: you know, like most of the men, ("male privilege) and women who are smarter or better looking than they are (been there, done that).

and since this is the military, it means that if you try to fight back against the bullying, you will be the one punished for being uncooperative.

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