Monday, October 12, 2015

Conspiracies below the fold

Instapundit links to the Dengue epidemic in India.

It's not just India: We have an epidemic here, and now influenza is going around.


The Bishop's meeting is often discussed in political terms in the MSM. Yet the real discussion goes beyond the memes, nor is it just one in the Catholic church.

GetReligion discusses how the UKTimes discusses the similar problems of the Anglican churches, and prints this letter to the editor which tries to correct them.

Your leader ("Church at Bay," ...) offers a flawed analysis of the crisis besetting Anglicanism. It is unhelpfully patronising to African Anglicans. Your assumption of post-colonial resentment and prejudice fails to account for why so many American, Australian and English Anglicans share their views.
A better analysis would be to take into account the tension between a faith that recognises the integrity of the Bible in a way that saves it from the colonialism of passing cultures (nothing to do with literalism), and a secularized faith which prefers so-called "progressive" values antithetic to the faith. The present ominious decline of progressive CofE Anglicans in relation to the flourishing of orthodox traditional Anglicans demonstrates the difference.
The archbishop is to be wished well in his attempts to reconcile the irreconcilable. But for as long as the Church of England chooses to prefer the Marxist meme of "egalitarianism" to the countercultural values of the gospels, it risks both the collapse it presently faces and the bringing into being in England of an alternative, renewed Anglican orthodoxy, which stands with the majority of Anglicans across the globe.

written by the Queen's chaplain.

semi related item:

Is the St Gallen's Mafia trying to take over the synod?

 the “St. Gallen mafia”, the name Cardinal Danneels recently used to describe his club of senior clerics who plotted to undermine the theological work of the JPII-BXVI papacies.

a longer article on this group at Lifesitenews. (lots of dirt there)  but the story comes from Danneels biography.

one need not be a "right wing ultraconservative" to be upset that Danneels is behind this. SNAP sees his pedophile coverups as a bit problematic too...

Conspiracy theories about evil cliques in the Catholic church? Dan Brown call your office.

On the other hand, since the opening of the KGB files, most of the "communist conspiracy theories) of the 1950's, which were dismissed as nonsense by the powers that be, have turned out to be true. The lastest? The communists did try to influence us in Hollywood.


one wonders if Obama's presidency will in the future be found similarly to be a left wing conspiracy to dismantle the Pax Americana (which was, of course, devised by the Anglo American conpiracies that one can find discussed all over the web).

 Belmont Club  discusses Nial Fergueson's article  in the WSJ:

The second discovery Ferguson made was that Obama was not out to merely repudiate Bush, but to deliberately undo Ronald Reagan, indeed dismantle the entire postwar edifice from Harry Truman onward.
He had a vision of restoring the world to its paradisal state before Western meddling:“to create the international coalition and atmosphere in which people across sectarian lines are willing to compromise and are willing to work together in order to provide the next generation a fighting chance for a better future.”  Some would regard this approach as risky.  Hence it buried beneath layers of misdirection.
Ferguson describes the moment when the scales dropped from his eyes:
I now see, however, that there is more to it than that.
The president always intended to repudiate more than George W. Bush’s foreign policy. In a 2012 presidential debate with Mitt Romney, Mr. Obama made clear that he was turning away from Ronald Reagan, too. “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back,” he jeered, “because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”
The third point Ferguson makes is that while Obama succeeded in carrying out his real doctrine under the breezy banner of we “don’t do stupid sh–” the results were the opposite of his expectations.  Instead of Paradise Lost it was a case of Hades Found.
So if HG Wells and Carroll Quigley are the authors of the NWO, then Chomsky's talking points are the basis of Obama's policies.

The Deep State Conspiracy Theory.

Don't ask me: I'm a doctor, not a politician.


Social Science: NOT based on scientific data.

again the link via Instapundit.

Yeah, and one of these days the MSM will discover much of Freud's reports were fiction, and that Kinsey based his theories on reports from pedophiles.


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