Thursday, October 08, 2015

Our Lady of Victory

October 7 was once called the feast of our Lady of Victory but in the PC days after Vatican II it was renamed Our Lady of the Rosary.


The Battle of Lepanto. More HERE

Military history report with factoids about the battle can be found here.

Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was there, and it was the last battle using galleys.

At the Battle of Lepanto, the Holy League lost 50 galleys and suffered approximately 13,000 casualties. This was offset by the freeing of a similar number of Christian slaves from the Ottoman ships.

...Coming at what was seen as a crisis point for Christianity, the victory at Lepanto stemmed Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean and prevented their influence from spreading west.

 but churches and legends and common law are ways that people remember the past, so David Warren points out

For long before the secular historians, the Church, through her faithful, did understand what was at stake: the preservation of Christendom. And long after the historians have decided that remembering the Victory is politically incorrect, the Church will recall it in her Mass. For she understood, and understands, that the issue hinged on an Act of Faith. And that our fate will always hinge on that.
So the victory a century later over the Turks in the Seige of Vienna also is remembered on Sept 12 as the feast of the holy name of Mary. LINK

yes, and a lot of us thought that Sept 11 was chosen randomly by the hijackers...

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