Saturday, October 17, 2015

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Top Ten Viking movies.

Number one? The 13th Warrior, based on a mixture of Beowulf and the (true) report on Rus Vikings by an Arab visitor.

Two more movies in the list are also ANGLO SAXON poem based on a Danish story, 300 years before the big Viking push, but hey, some of those mentioned in Beowulf are mentioned as killing their rivals and raiding peaceful people so I guess it's okay.

and a link to an interview with Bernard Cornwell on the new miniseries The Last Kingdom.

more about Vikings HERE.

Big Brother alert:
want to change behavior? Nudge people.

Full Report at the White House site HERE.

Your tax dollars at work.

It works for young folks, But I am glad to say that it didn't work for docs.

Not mentioned: who is behind the daily two minute hate posts  on Facebook.

Well, it works for me: I avoid facebook...


The "heretic Pharoah" is revered by many as an idealist, but previous studies showed the common people working there suffered from malnutrition, and now we see skeletons from those executed were also suffering from overwork and malnutrition.

Gretchen Dabbs of Southern Illinois University thinks that the wounds may have been inflicted with a spear from behind as part of a physical punishment of 100 lashes and five wounds that is described in an ancient wall carving and other texts. The skeletons also show signs of joint disease and malnutrition. 

Dark age history is being rewritten:. SP reviews a new book on Theodoric.

Prof. Arnold (Tulsa) argues that Theoderic largely revived many old imperial institutions and practices to the extent that his kingdom was almost a “restored” version of the Roman Empire in the west. While doing this, Arnold also reminds us that Late Antiquity still suffers from the negative “Dark Ages” created by Renaissance and Enlightenment scholars obsessed with the perceived glories of the Classical era. He points out how the image of the king acquired Roman trappings, royal legislation protecting Roman institutions and even strengthening them, and particularly the regularization of relations between the Gothic and Roman elements of the kingdom.
or you can just listen to this older one, a Librivox recording on Youtube...


bbc laments that the US hasn't eliminated the Black Plague.

Well, can you imagine the outcry by the city born Greens if you suggested we kill a couple hundred thousand cute Prairie dogs to save the lives of a couple of Navajos? (/s)

If you work on the Navajo reservation, you expect to see a couple cases a year. And they do trace the vectors. Tony Hillerman's book The First Eagle uses this as the basis for his book

The latest press manipulation at the "Family" synod in Rome is this post of the day about a kid who took half the host and gave it to his father, who was not allowed to receive because he had been divorced.

the news reports that all the bishops were in tears over the story. Really? So where are the tears about the boys whose lives were destroyed by Danneels and his ilk....

If you believe this was "spontaneous", I have a bridge in Brookyn to sell you.

And don't blame the believers:  Blame St. Paul. It's biblical.

Backstory on the "spontaneous" attacks by Israelis who dare to fight back against those who attack them

Iran's proxy Hamas complains that the Palestinian run government on the west Bank has arrested some of their troublemaking terrorists.

in other words, the new Palestinian uprising is not about the Palestinians, but a way to demonize the Israelis in the press, discourage the Saudis from pushing peace with Israel, encourage Iran to restrart sending them money and weapons and also to help overthrow the Palestinian authority and let Hamas take over.


another day, another typhoon...


it will hit north of us...we are signal 2:

the real danger is that we are downstream from the mountains where it will hit, so expect flooding over the next few days. And it's harvest time.

No rain yet, but cloudy outside.

No, it's not global warming: it's normal. But if you want to send a couple million dollars of aid, our crooked politicians will thank you: next year is election year, and they need money to buy votes.

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