Saturday, November 07, 2015

Don't grab me bro or pushy people blecch.

Uncle Orson has a scathing essay on "ambush hugging: people who grab him and say he needs a hug. in the US when strangers who won't give you the time of day outside church grab you to give you a hug when they have the "kiss of peace" at mass, instead of merely shaking your hand...

he also has a good review on the film The Martian, which still hasn't opened here in the Philippines.


and then EdDriscoll at Instapundit quotes an article about the black list that has this sentence:

Yes, there’s no excuse for the blacklisting of communists by Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s. Just as Scott EckernOrson Scott Card, and Brendan Eich should not be deprived of their livelihood for their political views...

Uh, they weren't "political views": They are religious views. and one could argue the same views held by non religious societies such as Rome, China and Mesopotamia, so don't say it is "religious" bigotry or I will throw Confucius at you. .

So why were they being boycotted? Coercion. To send a message to the rest of us that we too are vulnerable to be called haters if we insist on traditional morality  or even basic modesty, we too can lose our livelihoods.

At least the article is "liberal" enough to mention that the blacklist was for folks who supported a murderous dictator who killed millions and also supported the overthrow of the American government to impose a similar dictatorship...and openly used their positions to push their ideology on others around them.

In contrast, Eich kept his opinions out of the workplace, and Card's sci fi includes sympathetic gay characters.

and I refuse to link to the source, which was founded by a woman who wrote that she openly loathes Christians.

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