Monday, November 09, 2015

Family News and book stuff

Ruby is going to Manila for an all day class trip with her homeschool base. Since they leave a 6 am, Joy is unsure if they will leave here at 2 am or if they travel there tonite and stay with relatives overnight.

The internet has been out all weekend, so I hope the world didn't end when I was offline.

The big headlines in the weekend's Manila Bulletin was that Tacloban and the Visayas are still a mess two years after being hit by Yolanda.
Well, duh. But the politicians are richer...

I am now busy listening to the Outlander series.
I read part one years ago, but I downloaded an interview last week by the author.... and when I checked I found that someone had posted the audiobook of several books of the saga on youtube, which I downloaded.

I'd lend it to Ruby, but it is full of "bodice ripping fun" so maybe when she is a bit older. I did buy her the latest Rick Riorden book, which is now about the Norse gods living in Boston. His earlier Percy Jackson books are  a good way for kids to learn about Greek and Roman mythology.... and when you see how those gods act, you can understand why the locals preferred to convert to  friendlier religion.

On Scribd I finished the book about Jefferson's black family connections: the Hemmings family.
The main problem was that it lacked context: racism emphasized, but other items such as religion, economics, the political background of those days, or how African culture which emphasized extended family were not explored in detail.Although she did explain that the Jefferson probably was not influenced by the religious revivals that encouraged setting free one's slaves...

I am also working my way through Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version and audiobook)...
No, I have nothing in common with Elizabeth Bennett, and would have been bored S***less if I lived back then.
Mary Wollstonecraft is more my style.
Of course, nowadays I am also a lady of leisure like Lizzy was, without any work to do, but of course, that is after being a workaholic for 40 years...

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