Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Catching up on the news. CNN etc. is full of "headlines" that obscure the real news, like Obama destroying American industry by approving of the climate treaty or exporting jobs by the acific trade agreement.

Heh. Just ignore all that rice-paddy methane...

Strategy Page has the (good?) news on Iraq (and Yemen), and what is going on when Turkey takes down a Russian plane.

but they also note the dirty little secret about those refugees: They come from a culture where women and children are abused.


CWR: The right wing fundamentalist Christians are coming? the Catholics are coming! at least in France, there is an upsurge in piety among the younger generation (often called the John Paul II generation of Catholics)

In recent years, we’re heard much about the Church as a field-hospital. It’s true that the French Church finds itself providing much help to the many people damaged by the culture of cynicism, economic statism, self-loathing, and hedonism bequeathed by France’s May 1968 generation. The new Catholics, however, also recognize that no-one is supposed to remain perpetually in a field-hospital. Nor are they interested in affirming mediocrity. Instead they have chosen to live out what Benedict XVI suggested would be Western European Catholics’ role for the foreseeable future: a creative minority—one that imaginatively engages culture from an orthodox Catholic standpoint in order to draw society closer to the truth, instead of meekly relegating Catholics to the role of bit-players in various secular-progressive agendas.
heasup FatherZ

Instapundit links to Stuart Taylor's not politically correct article on why politically correct minorities feel frustrated at universities. They aren't qualified and feel frustrated at the competition.

Compare and contrast: the academic success of the new African immigrants.

again, a success story no one is noting.

Safety Tip of the day

via Instapundit: Frying Turkey must be a Southern thing since you can't do that outside in the snow.

And no, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines.


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