Monday, November 23, 2015

Headlines below the fold

Remember that hospital in Afghanistan hit by the US bomb? Well, turns out not only was it not marked but it had lots of terrorists being treated inside, so the local Afghans called in the strike.

This StrategyPage article continues as a long informative article on NGO's.

 the Catholic Church could be considered one of the first major NGOs, as it organized large scale charity efforts over a thousand years ago. But in the late 20th century, the number of NGOs grew explosively. Now there are thousands of them, providing work for hundreds of thousands of people. 

and these NGO's often branch into their own style of preaching western values to folks who don't appreciate it, or mainly "holding seminars" instead of actually helping people.


Also from StrategyPage: Colombia is trying to make peace, but the locals have had it with these bozos

Face it, if you start a rebellion that goes on for half a century and leaves over 200,000 dead and millions homeless, unemployed or otherwise harmed, there is going to be a lot of bad feelings and mistrust. The FARC leadership is trying to get all their followers to accept that and follow orders. Both FARC leaders and government officials admit (at least in private) that there will be some FARC “fringe groups” that will have to be declared outlaws for not observing the terms of the peace deal. These groups will have to be taken down violently.

yeah, like the bozos who used to be NPA who became the hired hit men who killed our nephew after they were hired by the mayor to kill his opponent.

Colombia, like the Philippines, has had a lot of previous "amnesties". But the dirty little secret is that often these guys, even if they don't revert into drugs or criminal activities, get "offed" by hit squads, often military guys who have had it and seek revenge.

One guy in our extended family in Colombia came out of the cold during a previous amnesty, but later was killed in a "bar fight". Presumably it was a hit by a death squad. Same thing happens in the Philippines.

the article also has a lot about Venzuela, which shows what Colombia would be if the Marxists had won. Except that when the Marxists win in wars instead of elections, they massacre their opposition.

Heck, why look at Venezuela: Zimbabwe is another example: bring in the North Koreans to massacre the opposition villages, then take a vibrant economy and crashing it, confiscating farms and business to give to your friends, terrorizing the opposition and burning down houses and HIV clinics in these areas to punish neighborhoods who voted against you.

I thought it laughable when the film "blood diamonds" had a white Zimbabwean as the enemy. guess they don't know about the "Conflict diamond" kerfuffle in Zimbabwe (not to mention the scams and kickbacks in the Congo where Zim had peacekeepers)


The left changes it's mind. Links at Instapundit.


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