Sunday, November 15, 2015

Holy Mary

The National Geographic has a wonderful story about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

one might say it is a miracle that they actually report on how two billion Muslims and Christians revere this simple peasant woman, mother of Jesus. (without the usual "eye rolls" and disdain one reads in many MSM reports about religious subjects)...
they visit places of pilgrimage from Yugoslavia to Mexico to Rwanda to Lourdes... and let ordinary people and pilgrims speak, not just "experts", and most of the "experts" are sympathetic, not cynics:

María Enriqueta García, in her sacred theology dissertation at the Marian Institute, explains that Mary brings us to Jesus, who is the light of the world, just as Jewish mothers light the Shabbat candles. 

read the whole thing.

(headsup LesFemmes)

here in the Philippines, many people have a small shrine in their yards with the Virgin as she appeared at Lourdes, and in the US, these backyard shrines are so common that Wikipedia has a page on them.

But I wouldn't mock those who have such shrines too loudly: In Pennsylvania a lot of the coalminers and steel workers have them in their backyards. Indeed, when I visited Medjugore, it was with a group of such blue collar workers who were down to earth people. Holiness is often portrayed as ethereal, but the real holiness is ordinary folks serving the Lord in their daily lives...

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