Thursday, November 19, 2015

Obama uses APEC summit to demonize Republicans

I was trying to find details about the APEC summit here in Manila, and the WAPO article wasn't about Asia, but Obama playing politics by ridiculing Republicans who don't want to accept Syrian "refugees"..


A quick glance will show that I think the US could accept more refugees, but I have no problem with screening them first, both for safety sake and for fake "refugees" from other countries who just want to slip in to get rich.

But in a case when a lot of ordinary folks are nervous, why isn't he trying to unite people and reassure them that the refugees would not cause a problem...or at least point out that we managed to settle huge numbers of refugees in the past without a major problem (after the fall of VietNam, and the Mariel boat lift).

To use an international forum to do this is even worse. I mean, it's like telling all the FilAms: Well, I gave you two boats to defend yourself against hundreds of Chicom ships, so you better vote correctly or I will go  back to ignoring the problem (which he has done for a couple years, allowing China to destroy the reef and pollute our fishing areas to build islands without doing a damn thing).

I guess he doesn't want to discuss the very real questions if the new Pacific trade treaty will destroy/export more jobs from his union/Democratic base.



Follow up: AnneAlthouse links to one of the Republicans who objected to using an overseas forum to play politics too.

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