Saturday, November 28, 2015


LesFemmes reminds you: Don't throw away the carcass:

Make soup.

A lot of recipes on the web.

essentially you stick all the bones with their scraps of meat into water and boil a couple hours.

Most of the recipes insist you add veggies and then take it out and then add them again. We used onion salt and poultry spice and lemon/pepper mix, and later just took out the carcass, let it cool while we boiled the veggies and noodles, then added the scraps of meat.

And no, we didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving, because we didn't celebrate it this year.

But the way you "buy" turkey here is to get a live turkey and kill it the day you cook it.

We once bought two turkeys for a party, and they kept escaping over the wall, so we'd have to go out and recapture them. The third time this happened, we only found one.

We figure some poor person decided to liberate the other turkey for their family's dinner.

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