Saturday, November 28, 2015

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What is interesting is that she SEES and remembers small things around her, and then can describe them. But the emphasis is on those around her: in a superficial but pleasant way, with anecdotes.

Another thing was that she assumed she'd have servants but insists she was not "rich"... of course, the book starts in the days before WWI...

And she was a nurse/nursing assistant in that war, and later upgraded to help the pharmacist, hence her knowledge of poison which went into her books.

Her writings were not "her life": She mentions them mainly as a afterthought, comparing them to housewives who do embroidery etc. And she admits she was not a great writer, but just someone who wrote because she could do it and enjoyed doing it, and only later did she find it gave her an income.

The irony is that a lot of her life was dramatic: but her travels around the world are less dramatic then her descriptions of finding a house...

and no, the famous "disappearance" was glossed over, but the hints were that she was already forgetting things and confused due to stress from her mother's death etc. before her first husband told her he was getting a divorce.

I've only reached the point where she marries her second husband, meeting him while on a vacation in Baghdad, visiting Wooley at Ur at the recommendation of some friends.

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