Saturday, December 26, 2015

Family News

Since Joy and Ruby were with her family for the traditional Christmas eve mass and supper, Emie invited me over to join her family before the late evening mass.

Traditional food and ham (traditional for Christmas here).

I am still getting over the flu so didn't go to the long, crowded evening service, and opted to go to the dawn mass that I usually attend.

Arriving at 5:30, I found about 100 people, but no priest. One of the men went out and came back and said it had been canceled, come back at 7am. I went home and back to bed instead. (There is a printed schedule of Holy season masses posted somewhere outside but I hadn't bothered to read it).

Ruby and Joy came back, exhausted after being up half the night talking with family. Ruby also has a fever: Caught the flu from me I guess. We had planned to go out to a restaurant, but instead we ate what the cook prepared, and sent Nono out to buy a pizza.

For supper, Dr Angie had a party which we attended, catching up on the latest news.

So a busy day for all of us.

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