Friday, December 18, 2015

Family update

We still have a brownout here, and now the city water supply is out.

Chano has fixed the large generator, (except for a leaky radiator that needs constant refilling) and so we have internet and have turned on the deep well pump to get water.

Once we have water, we can do the wash and probably people will come to fill containers with water.

The men who are enlarging the drainage canal (now down the street from us) cut one of the city line so they didn't have to haul water...the tricycle drivers were opening it to wash their cycles, and I kept taping them shut. But yesterday, locals were going there to get buckets of water and now there is no water.

I should say we have a booster pump to get city water because our deep pump is noisy and slow, so we mainly use the traditional pump as backup.
 The booster pump is so we can pump it to our roof watertank to get pressure.

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