Sunday, December 06, 2015

no religious hatred here, just move along

For all the loud rhetoric saying Americans are bigoted because they hate innocent Muslims, a poll shows exactly the opposite.

Via Reuters: 51 percent of Americans see Muslims the same way they view any other group.

Only 14 percent are "fearful".

Sounds about right.

The day after 911, one of my Okie patients told me that her daughter had a Muslim boyfriend, and she sent a message to his family if there was a roundup of Muslims, that they could hide out at her ranch.

This fear comes from a film of the 1990's where Muslims were rounded up after a major terrorist incident. Ah, like bigfoot,  it was fantasy.

However that doesn't mean that certain imams with terrorist group ties don't need to be monitored.

I mean, if we can be monitored and fined for downloading the red hot chili peppers, maybe those who download instructions on how to make a timer for a bomb out of Christmas lights should at least be kept an eye on to see if they are buying guns.

Ditto for paranoid schizophrenics living in huts in the middle of the woods who rant about selling baby parts.

Oh Those guns were illegal?

Maybe they need to ask the local narcogangs if they sell guns to suspicious ties to let the cops know.

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