Saturday, December 26, 2015

Philippine news

We are recovered from the rain from the last storm, but Joy reported a lot of fields were still under water last week south of here.LINK 

 And even further south, 80 thousand are still in evacuation centers. That didn't stop terrorist from murdering Christian farmers in the south, but here terrorist attacks are usually downplayed and not in the headlines.

however, there is good news: A Dengue fever vaccine has been approved.

Dengue vaccine initiative page says it is one of several in development.

this is a live attenuated vaccine, meaning that the shot gives you a weakened germ to give immunity.

Not a perfect vaccine, however since it is only 60 percent effective.

 Second, large-scale phase III study successfully meets primary endpoint with overall vaccine efficacy of 60.8 percent and shows efficacy against each of the four dengue serotypes - - Additional observation of the results shows a significant reduction of the risk of hospitalization by 80.3 percent confirming the potential public health impact of the vaccine - 

well, it is a start. We have screens but the poor use mosquito nets (maybe).

The disease is a major problem here, but since it often is mild, most cases don't get to the hospital. But severe cases can be fatal.

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