Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BBC praises Dubya?!

A BBC article noted how Bush 2 may have saved the planet even though he opposed the Kyoto agreement, because  the proposal he devised a few years later was actually more acceptable for the world.

The Bush team proposed that the major global economies responsible for the vast majority of emissions come together and each publish national plans that would outline the way they would curb carbon from 2012 to 2030. The concept was termed "pledge and review".
Fast forward to December 2015 and 195 nations of the world seems to have signed up to a version of an idea cooked up by the Bush Administration to sidestep the broad based, consensus approach of the UN .
Oh the irony!
An important caveat is the role played by President Obama in taking on the Bush bottom up approach and making it something every country should implement, not just the very big emitters.
"This is sort of a new, neo-liberal way of governing climate change, it's voluntary, it's bottom up and it's not clear that it's going to deliver in the end," said Prof Timmons Roberts from Brown University in the US.
"What has surprised me this year is how much more positive 2015 is, than when this was first brought into the system in Copenhagen by Obama himself and the BASIC countries (Brazil South Africa, India and China), getting this pledge and review system in place and solidified in Cancun in 2010."

Ask us nicely and tell us we don't have to do it, and everybody falls into line

yes, and maybe ask people with expertise in business and economics, instead of just pushing a green agenda made up by activists who think living a primitive life is the way to go.

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