Sunday, January 03, 2016

Bombay duck and swanp eels

David Warren discusses euphenisms for food

Bombay Duck? … It does not look like, quack like, nor walk like a duck; it does not taste like a duck; but it does skim the water surface something like a duck, though on the under-side. And so we might think of it as an inverted duck; or as a reflection of a duck, but with the duck missing. It is in fact a sand-eel, called bombila in the Marathi tongue... 

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This eel-like fish is found off India’s west coast all year. It is salted and dried in the sun, and is characterised by a strong smell and distinctive piquancy. When the British ruled over the island city, they called it ‘Bummalo’. Usually 6-8 inches long, the drying is done on scaffolds made from bamboo poles fixed in the sand where bars are tied with thick ropes horizontally, in lines, and one above the other. -

 Pic courtesy/Perzen Patel - 
the article includes recipes....

no, we don't eat eel here, except at the local Japanese restaurants..

But rice paddy eels aka swamp eels are becoming a problem here since they dig holes in the partitions and drain the fields (costing farmers money to irrigate over and over again).

they are also becoming a pest in the southern USA.

But the good news is that you can eat them too...Clove garden has recipes and shows you how.

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