Friday, January 08, 2016

Cow Patties

AnnAlthouse reports:You can buy cow dung from Amazon India.

used in Hindu purification rituals but hard to get in large cities.

In rural India, they burn dung for fuel (it provides a steady fire that isn't too hot) and use it for flooring in their huts.

I'm not sure how it is done in India, but in Africa, the hut floors were not "dirt" but dung mixed with anthill clay: it would be hard as cement, and easy to keep clean.

MyKenyaExperience blog explains how the floors are cleaned and renewed periodically using dung and sand.

and AncientHealthwebsite has an article on it's use in India: and notes that it discourages insects.

and some Texas lasses are selling it to burn as "organic mosquito repellant"

Most rural folks in the midwest and western US know that dried cow dung does not smell. In the USA, it is mostly sold as fertilizer.

and then there are the cow chip throwing contests in Oklahoma.

There’s no wrong way to toss a cow turd. But veterans of the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, Oklahoma, will tell you that throwing overhanded will send it farther than a Frisbee-style fling, and a flick of the wrist at the release will help counter the persistent plains winds that threaten to send the chip out of bounds.  And they’ll tell you, if it’s your first time, that licking your fingers between throws (you get two chances) will give you good luck and a better grip.

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